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Advance Computer Institute

About Institute:-

Advance Computer Institute is professional training institute providing a range of courses to help students and professionals to upskill in today’s fast paced and ever changing scenario.
The institute provides well tailored courses in various domains including IT, Fashion, skills development to meet the requirement of students and professionals to make a name in current global industry.
Through rigorous training and latest curriculum, the institute aims to bridge the gap between learning and its application through practical approach of teaching.
The institute also provides affiliation opportunities to schools and colleges to provide custom made courses to their students in order to impart practical knowledge along with their traditional syllabus.

Our Mission & Vision


In order to make impact in the current scenario , our institute strives hard to provide technical knowledge , awareness and develop problem solving skills to students and also support in their placement to help them achieve their professional goals.


Professional courses are now an inevitable need of the generation and our vision is to make high quality education reach every corner of the nation.


Messege from Director’s Desk

Dear Students,

High quality and affordable education should be accessible to all. By providing both offline as well as online training , we aim to make education reach every doorstep of the country. Students in remote and rural areas also will benefit from our range of courses and enable to reach the same start line to begin their professional journey.

All the best.

“We Are Providing A Professional It Education With Affordable Fee”



1.Soft Skills Training

2.Diploma in Computers
3.PG Diploma in Computers
4.Advance Tally with Excel
5.C & C++ Language
6.Coding for Kids
7.IT Services Hardware & Software
8.Graphic Designing Services


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